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  Much Ado About Nothing  Act 1, Scene 1
December 9, 2014

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Do the math!  What do you get when you cross “It’s a Wonderful Life” with “His Girl Friday?”  It’s a very merry Much Ado.  Actress Marion Adler joins us from the rehearsal hall at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey‘s holiday-themed production of Much Ado About Nothing (begins December 6th at the F. M Kirby Shakespeare Theatre.)   Join us in a celebration of Beatrice from Act 1, Scene 1 of Much Ado About Nothing.

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Click here for the First Folio version of the text.

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Nov 182014

  Billy Shakespeare – The Movie
November 17, 2014


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What if William Shakespeare were alive and writing today?  For writer/director/producer Deborah Voorhees, this curious question led to a feature length film.  Billy Shakespeare – The Movie is an irreverent tale about a modern day Shakespeare.  The film trifles with Shakespeare’s sexuality, slings arrows at his misogyny and toys with the term “lack-beard”.  Join the fun from inspiration to final cut on this episode of the State of Shakespeare.

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Oct 062014

  Sonnet 29
October 6, 2014


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“The words you talk, that’ll be the words you walk”  Devon Glover is spreading the Shakespeare word in a unique and refreshingly new way.  As The Sonnet Man, Devon is introducing Shakespeare to students by turning the Sonnets into hip hop masterpieces.  Putting Shakespeare to a beat connects young students to the text and teaches them about the verse at the same time.  It all adds up to one amazing interview as he discusses and performs Sonnet 29.

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Sep 042014

         Dr. Paul Prescott
Dr. Paul Edmondson
September 5, 2014

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It’s a British Invasion!  Dr. Paul Edmondson and Dr. Paul Prescott have realized a true Shakespeare Midsummer dream.

‘Shakespeare on the Road’ is the story of Shakespeare in contemporary North America told through an epic road trip in the summer of 2014.   In July and August, the team visited a range of Shakespeare festivals across the length and breadth of the US and Canada. Over 60 days, they traveled roughly 10,000 miles, saw dozens of Shakespeare productions and met hundreds of the people who – year in, year out – make Shakespeare happen across the continent.  Join us to hear the story of this fantastic journey of discovery and entertainment.

Click here to visit the official Shakespeare on the Road website.


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Aug 212014

Richard III     Act 4, Scene 4
Richard III
August 21, 2014

The_Motherfucker_with_the_Hat_Advance-72-(ZF-6628-86687-1-001) Cortese 2 Cortese

What do Frank Underwood and Oscar Pistorius have in common?  The answer:  Richard III.  Recently returned from a turn as the famously crippled monarch, Actor Drew Cortese digs down to the bones of this rhetorical monster.   Drew descants on his process, the art of  laying the plot one word at a time, and how to avoid louring in the role after the curtain falls.  Come caper with us through the most unlikely seduction in Shakespeare’s cannon (hint: it isn’t the “Lady Anne” scene!)

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Click here to follow along with the  Drew Cortese version of the text.

Click here for a First Folio version of the text.

Click here for a scanned version of the text.

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Aug 152014


The_Motherfucker_with_the_Hat_Advance-72-(ZF-6628-86687-1-001)  images

Why do most audiences look frighteningly homogenous, and why should we be alarmed?  Actor Drew Cortese makes an impassioned plea for diversity in theater.   How will embracing a wider view of the world we live in today inform the way we tell stories, and what fate awaits us if we fail?

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Jul 282014
Rebecca Watson

Much Ado About Nothing     Act 4, Scene 1 Beatrice July 28, 2014    What means the word Honor in a world of lies and broken promises? Rebecca Watson straps on her armor and drops one of the deadliest ultimatums in the history of the war of the sexes.  It’s the delicious “Kill Claudio” zinger from

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Jul 012014
Grant Goodman

Twelfth Night    Act 1, Scene 1 Duke Orsino July 1, 2014      “High fantastical?”  What in Illyria is that supposed to mean?  We pack our gypsy trunk and catch up with Grant Goodman to find out.  Come along as we hop a mid stop, ride the text and listen as Jim schools Gerritt in a scansion

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Jun 112014
Jason O'Connell

All’s Well that Ends Well     Act 4, Scene 3 Parolles June 12, 2014    “Holy Parolles!” How do you make an audience fall in love with Shakespeare’s most irreverent, blasphemous and despicable characters?  Fusing his modern sensibility with an innate feel for the text, mad comic genius Jason O’Connell reprises his unforgettable Parolles from All’s Well

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May 282014
Erin Partin

The Tempest Ariel Act III, Scene iii & Various Speeches May 14, 2014     “Was’t well done?” Erin Partin, a familiar face at the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey, forges into the fantastical world of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.    When magician and sprite tangle, whose humanity is at stake?  Fun ensues as we discover what makes this tricksy

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