May 282015

Juliet’s Nurse
May  28, 2015


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Pop quiz: to whom does Juliet speak most of her lines? Surprise – it’s not Romeo.  Hint: she’s a funny, bawdy woman with a vibrant imagination and a lust for life. If you guessed “Lois Leveen,” you’re in for a delightful interview with the award-winning author of Juliet’s Nurse, the untold history of one of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters.

Click here to follow along with the Nurse’s speech from Act 1, Scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet.

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May 152015

Teaching Will
May  16, 2015


MelRyane_lg TeachingWill

Could the greatest Macbeth you’ll ever see be performed by an 8-year old? When author Mel Ryane thought she had reached “the end of the road” as an actor, she decided to widen the road.  Find out what William Shakespeare and ten kids gave Mel Ryane that Hollywood couldn’t.

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Apr 212015

 The Antaeus Company
April 21, 2015


Bill BrochtrupAntaeus-Logo-hi-res HenryIVPart1_Knaves_1 

Bill Brochtrup joins the State of Shakespeare to talk the 99 seat theater plan and it’s future in Los Angeles, The Antaeus Company and the benefits of partner casting.

Antaeus is a cooperative theater ensemble founded to empower the actor and to bring classical theater to Los Angeles. The company exists to create a family of artists and audiences and is dedicated to exploring stories with enduring themes. Taking their company name from the Titan who gained strength by touching the Earth, Antaeus members — many of whom are familiar to film and television audiences — regain their creative strength by returning to the wellspring of their craft: live theater. Members of the company span a wide range of age, ethnicity and experience; they have performed on Broadway, at major regional theaters across the country, in film, television and on local stages, and are the recipients of numerous accolades including Tony, Los Angeles and New York Drama Critics Circle, Ovation, LA Weekly, and Back Stage Garland nominations and awards. Audiences, who never see an understudy due to Antaeus’ trademark “partner casting,” frequently return to see the same play in the hands of an equally excellent but very different set of actors.

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Apr 092015

  Love’s Labor’s Won  Prologue
April 10, 2015

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Why does everybody hate Rhetoric but love wordplay?  Scott Kaiser, author and Oregon Shakespeare Festival Director of Company Development, can’t repeat it often enough: take my epizeuxis please!

Click here to follow along with the text.

Click here for a scanned version of the text.

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Mar 192015

Sonnet 65

Louis Colaianni


Louis Colaianni on Sonnet 65 and how the miracle of language conquers time.

Click here to follow along with the text.

Click here for a scanned version of the text.

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Mar 052015

Untitled  Romeo and Juliet  Prologue
March, 2015

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Louis Colaianni, co-author (with Cal Pritner) of How to Speak Shakespeare, takes us on the most delightful deconstruction of the famous “Two Households” prologue we’ve ever heard.

Click here to follow along with the text.

Click here for the Second Quarto version.

Click here for a scanned version of the text.

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Feb 262015

  “Hot and bold,” or “weak and cold?”  How “old” is Shakespeare’s English, really?  Louis Colaianni, Voice into Shakespeare professor at Yale University, has the answer.

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Feb 122015

  The Winter’s Tale  Act 3, Scene 2 Hermione February 11, 2015     How does an actor give voice to unspeakable grief?  Don’t fake the funk.   Jolly Abraham, appearing as Hermione in The Winter’s Tale at New York’s Pearl Theater, breathes life into Shakespeare’s most *ahem* “statuesque” heroine. The Winter’s Tale begins previews at the Pearl Theater on

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Jan 142015

  Hamlet  Act 4, Scene 4 Hamlet January 14, 2015     Choose the words! Eric Tucker, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Bedlam, lets us in past the velvet ropes for a look at a company that is being lauded as one of the best in New York City.  Performing a piece from Act 4, Scene 4 of Hamlet,

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Dec 092014

  Much Ado About Nothing  Act 1, Scene 1 Beatrice December 9, 2014     Do the math!  What do you get when you cross “It’s a Wonderful Life” with “His Girl Friday?”  It’s a very merry Much Ado.  Actress Marion Adler joins us from the rehearsal hall at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey‘s holiday-themed production of Much Ado

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