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Shakespeare on Film                                                                                                   February 6, 2014

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Is a film set just another “venue” in which to perform Shakespeare?   John Osburn has spent over twenty years studying the medium that didn’t exist when Shakespeare was writing.  Filmmakers and actors from Laurence Olivier to Orson Welles to Joss Whedon have tackled the tricky business of putting the Bard on film.   Can the magic of the silver screen enhance the experience of a Shakespeare play, or is something lost in translation?   

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 February 10, 2014



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How does an actor compel an audience to listen?  According to actor James Newcomb, the art of creating a role demands discipline, sweat… and sometimes a good long soak in a steaming bath.  Jamie reflects on his process and what Fluellen (Henry V)  might teach a young actor about the care that craftsmanship demands.  James Newcomb will be playing the Welsh Captain at the the Chicago Shakespeare Theater opening April 29th.


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Actor James Newcomb tells the story of how he became a founding member of Shakespeare & Co.  A peek into the inception of one of our most beloved Shakespeare companies.

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Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2     Act 2, Scene 3
Lady Percy
January 20, 2014

Headshot 1 hi resRomeo and Juliet, Shakespeare & Company, 2011. Photos by Kevin Sprague ©2011 Imogen and Cym

Lost the fresh blood in your cheeks?  As the better half of Shakespeare’s famously sexy couple from Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2, Kelley Curran‘s Lady Percy puts the “hot” in Hotspur.   Finding strength in questions, Kelley is precise and nice (nice?) in her approach to the text.  This is one interview that might make you drop an octave or two.  (Kelley Curran performs Lady Percy at the Shakespeare Theater of DC starting March 25th.)

Click here to see speech from Part I.  Click here to see speech from Part II.

Click here to see speech from Part I – First Folio.

Click here to see speech from Part II – First Folio.

Click here for a fully scanned version of Part I.

Click here for a fully scanned version of Part II.

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Feb 022014

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Robert Richmond and Richard Sheridan Willis are at it again, with a daring production of Richard III at the Folger Theater.  Get a glimpse into the Actor’s neurosis (and director’s!) as we talk about the process of working on one of Shakespeare’s most adored plays.

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The Tempest     Act 4, Scene 1
The Tempest     Act 2, Scene 2
December 5, 2013

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Dreams are being made at the Warehouse Theater in Greenville, SC.  Robert Richmond and Richard Sheridan Willis continue their 20 year collaboration with The Tempest. Combining the roles of Caliban and Prospero as well as Ariel and Miranda, the two artists explore the psychology of Prospero in an intriguing production with flashes of Jekyll-and-Hyde, and a dangerously dark undercurrent swirling between father and daughter. Their revels are definitely not ended.

Production Photos by: ©patrick cox photography

Click here to see Prospero’s text.  Click here to see Caliban’s text.

Click here for here for the First Folio Version of Prospero’s text.

Click here for here for the First Folio Version of Caliban’s text.

Click here for a fully scanned version of Prospero’s text.

Click here for a fully scanned version of Caliban’s text.

Video excerpts from the production:


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Soldiers, Kids and Shakespeare

Podcast: Play in new window | Download      Katie Hartke has taught Shakespeare to cadets at West Point and children in elementary schools.  Just how palatable is Shakespeare with these shining-faced schoolboys and the (not-so) bearded soldiers – and what do they have in common?  Hint: You will be surprised!  

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Dec 062013
Katie Hartke

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Cymbeline     Act 3, Scene 2 Imogen June, 2013      Oh for a horse with wings!  Katie Hartke gets Jim and Gerritt giddy with delight as they break down Imogen’s speech from Cymbeline.  Get the scoop on this “problem” play, complicated repetition and how to play high emotional

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Nov 072013
Chris Clavelli

Podcast: Play in new window | Download The Winter’s Tale     Act 1, Scene 2 Leontes August 16, 2013 Use yourself!  In a very frank and candid interview, Chris Clavelli reveals how his experiences inform his roles.  From forgetting your lines to losing a child, Chris takes us on a journey of artistic development.

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Oct 242013
Gabra Zackman

Podcast: Play in new window | Download The Taming of the Shrew      Act V, Scene ii Katherine June 12, 2013   Wake and Shake!  In this spirited interview with multi-talented Gabra Zackman, we explore performing outdoors, good Petruchios and we hold a “prism of light” up to Kate’s last speech in Taming of

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