The Tempest: Act IV, Scene i First Folio


The Tempest.         Act 4, Scene 1.        Prospero

(This text is featured in our interview with Richard Sheridan Willis and Robert Richmond and Steven Charles Marzolf)

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1817  You doe looke (my son) in a mou’d sort,
1818  As if you were dismaid: be cheerefull Sir,
1819  Our Reuels now are ended: These our actors,
1820  (As I foretold you) were all Spirits, and
1821  Are melted into Ayre, into thin Ayre,
1822  And like the baselesse fabricke of this vision
1823  The Clowd-capt Towres, the gorgeous Pallaces,
1824  The solemne Temples, the great Globe it selfe,
1825  Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolue,
1826  And like this insubstantiall Pageant faded
1827  Leaue not a racke behinde: we are such stuffe
1828  As dreames are made on; and our little life
1829  Is rounded with a sleepe: Sir, I am vext,
1830  Beare with my weakenesse, my old braine is troubled:
1831  Be not disturb’d with my infirmitie,
1832  If you be pleas’d, retire into my Cell,
1833  And there repose, a turne or two, Ile walke
1834  To still my beating minde.

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