About Us


The State of Shakespeare is a virtual masterclass featuring in-depth interviews with contemporary Shakespearean actors, directors and teachers.  We focus on the complex relationship of words and performance, and how individual artists develop unique and often contrasting approaches to the text. The State of Shakespeare’s mission is to help inspire and educate theatre makers, students and educators to discover new ways of bringing Shakespeare to life.

LISTEN to the Interviews online by clicking on the listen tab, or click the link on any of the Podcast pages to subscribe to The State of Shakespeare on iTunes.  Follow the featured text from Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets on the Speeches and Scansion page, or click on the learn and teach tab to find artist bios, fully scanned texts and more.  Don’t forget to check out some of the links we like on the resources page too!


The Pedagogy page takes you to a breakdown of the topics covered in each interview.  Peruse the breakdown and choose which interviews you would like your students to listen to.  Also we have a list of books and rhetorical devices.