• Our Angel  Investor

Thank you to JDV for making The State of Shakespeare possible.

Andres donated his time and edited some of our interviews.  He was instrumental in editing Jacopo Della Querca and Vilma Silva.  Thanks Andres!

Lucy donated her time and has started editing some of our interviews.  Her work on Ray   Chambers, Jeff Watkins and Ted Lewis has been an immense help.  Click here for her bio.

  • Bret Reilly – music

Bret generously donated a few of his songs for the Charles Tuthill and Ellen Adair Interviews.  After years as a successful singer songwriter, Bret is a full time sculptor/teacher.    Visit his website at :

  • Gian Stone– website consulting

Gian Stone is a musician, website developer and graphic artist.  His music can be heard at

  • Keith Varney– Logo, graphic design, I.T. consulting

Keith Varney is a composer, singer, songwriter, bookwriter and producer who is also an expert graphic designer and all-around computer whiz.

  • Linden E. Thomas– legal consulting

The Law Office of Linden E. Thomas, PLLC
469 Seventh Ave., Suite 422
New York, New York 10018
(347) 838-2610

Jim and Gerritt gratefully acknowledge all who contributed to our successful 2013 Kickstarter campaign!

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