Jan 292020

Dave Hitz, co-founder of the Play On Project, has a very specific view when it comes to the idea of translation. Is the Play On Project a translation of Shakespeare? Full Interview coming soon!

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Sep 202018

John Patrick lays out a bold new vision for the future of training actors.  Could we all be Acting Teachers?

Listen to his full interview here.

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Aug 132018

Liz Wisan is a member of the New Neighborhood, a theater company in NYC.  She also works seriously as a clown.  Although she admits that sometimes it feels like she is in a cult, she finds the clown work extremely rewarding as an actor.  Check this short interview out!

And here is her full interview about working on Kate in Taming of the Shrew!

Mar 152018


Alone on stage and getting laughs, Michael Urie had a question.  The answer is not what he expected.

Click here to listen to his interview on Hamlet.

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Apr 202016

UntitledHappy Birthday Shakespeare!
Hamilton Clancy / Shakespeare in the Parking Lot
April 21, 2016


Joe Pic Taken by Rob Wilson IMG_0792 logo

Hamilton Clancy feels that Shakespeare in THE Parking Lot is the perfect place to do Shakespeare.  It is a metaphorical melting pot that highlights Shakespeare’s diversity of characters.  He has some big plans for The Bard’s Birthday Celebration!  And a fantastic season ahead…

Information on the celebration:  Shakespeare in the Parking Lot or Bryant Park

Dec 152015

Untitledwith Xavier Pacheco
December 15, 2015


IMG_1503 t_epiclogo.tif imgres





More than fun and games?  Valedictorian Xavier Pacheco challenges your assumptions about STEM and the value of Arts in education.  Hear how Shakespeare and the Epic Theatre Ensemble changed one student’s life.

Oct 012015

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival/The Pearl Theater

Nance Williamson Scan 36 Scan 38

Rave reviews in both The New York Times and Wall Street Journal for Nance Williamson, currently appearing in the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Eric Tucker, playing at the Pearl Theater.  Click here for more information.

Contributing editor:  Lucy Freyer

Mar 192015

Sonnet 65

Louis Colaianni


Louis Colaianni on Sonnet 65 and how the miracle of language conquers time.

Click here to follow along with the text.

Click here for a scanned version of the text.

Feb 262015


Louis4 imgres

“Hot and bold,” or “weak and cold?”  How “old” is Shakespeare’s English, really?  Louis Colaianni, Voice into Shakespeare professor at Yale University, has the answer.

Aug 152014


The_Motherfucker_with_the_Hat_Advance-72-(ZF-6628-86687-1-001)  images

Why do most audiences look frighteningly homogenous, and why should we be alarmed?  Actor Drew Cortese makes an impassioned plea for diversity in theater.   How will embracing a wider view of the world we live in today inform the way we tell stories, and what fate awaits us if we fail?