Aug 302018

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August 30, 2018

Welcome to the Revolution!  John Patrick is calling for a radical change to the way we approach voice work and actor training. 

Click here to listen to John Patrick’s thoughts on Actor Training.

Sam Shepard Quote:

“I feel there are territories within that are totally unknown.
Huge, mysterious and dangerous territories. We think we know ourselves, when we really know only this little bitty part. We have this social person that we present to each other. We have all these galaxies inside of us.

And if we don’t enter those in art, of one kind or another, whether it’s playwriting, or painting or music, or whatever, then I don’t understand the point in doing anything.

I try to go into parts of myself that are unknown. And I think that those parts are related to everybody. They’re not unique to me. They’re not my personal domain.

Catharsis is getting rid of something. I’m not looking to get rid of it, I’m looking to find it. I’m not doing this in order to vent demons. I want to shake hands with them.”

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