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The Tempest     Act 4, Scene 1
The Tempest     Act 2, Scene 2
December 5, 2013

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Dreams are being made at the Warehouse Theater in Greenville, SC.  Robert Richmond and Richard Sheridan Willis continue their 20 year collaboration with The Tempest. Combining the roles of Caliban and Prospero as well as Ariel and Miranda, the two artists explore the psychology of Prospero in an intriguing production with flashes of Jekyll-and-Hyde, and a dangerously dark undercurrent swirling between father and daughter. Their revels are definitely not ended.

Production Photos by: ©patrick cox photography

Click here to see Prospero’s text.  Click here to see Caliban’s text.

Click here for here for the First Folio Version of Prospero’s text.

Click here for here for the First Folio Version of Caliban’s text.

Click here for a fully scanned version of Prospero’s text.

Click here for a fully scanned version of Caliban’s text.

Video excerpts from the production:


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