Henry IV; Part I: Act 5, Scene 1


Henry IV; Part I.         Act 5, Scene 1.      Worcester

(This text is featured in our interview with Jasmine Bracey)

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31.  It pleased your majesty to turn your looks
32. Of favour from myself and all our house;
33. And yet I must remember you, my lord,
34. We were the first and dearest of your friends.
35. For you my staff of office did I break
36. In Richard's time; and posted day and night
37. To meet you on the way, and kiss your hand,
38. When yet you were in place and in account
39. Nothing so strong and fortunate as I.

40. It was myself, my brother and his son,
41. That brought you home and boldly did outdare
42. The dangers of the time. You swore to us,
43. And you did swear that oath at Doncaster,
44. That you did nothing purpose 'gainst the state;
45. Nor claim no further than your new-fall'n right,
46. The seat of Gaunt, dukedom of Lancaster:
47. To this we swore our aid. But in short space
48. It rain'd down fortune showering on your head;
49. And such a flood of greatness fell on you,
50. What with our help, what with the absent king,
51. What with the injuries of a wanton time,
52. The seeming sufferances that you had borne,
53. And the contrarious winds that held the king
54. So long in his unlucky Irish wars
55. That all in England did repute him dead:
56. And from this swarm of fair advantages
57. You took occasion to be quickly woo'd
58. To gripe the general sway into your hand;
59. Forget your oath to us at Doncaster;
60. And being fed by us you used us so
61. As that ungentle hull, the cuckoo's bird,
62. Useth the sparrow; did oppress our nest;
63. Grew by our feeding to so great a bulk
64. That even our love durst not come near your sight
65. For fear of swallowing; but with nimble wing
66. We were enforced, for safety sake, to fly
67. Out of sight and raise this present head;
68. Whereby we stand opposed by such means
69. As you yourself have forged against yourself
70. By unkind usage, dangerous countenance,
71. And violation of all faith and troth
72. Sworn to us in your younger enterprise.

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