Henry IV, Part I; Act V, Scene i: First Folio


Henry IV, Part I.         Act 5, Scene 1.      Worcester

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2667.   It pleas'd your Maiesty, to turne your lookes
2668. Of Fauour, from my Selfe, and all our House;
2669. And yet I must remember you my Lord,
2670. We were the first, and dearest of your Friends:
2671. For you, my staffe of Office did I breake
2672. In Richards time, and poasted day and night
2673. To meete you on the way, and kisse your hand,
2674. When yet you were in place, and in account
2675. Nothing so strong and fortunate, as I;
2676. It was my Selfe, my Brother, and his Sonne,
2677. That brought you home, and boldly did out-dare
2678. The danger of the time. You swore to vs,
2679. And you did sweare that Oath at Doncaster,
2680. That you did nothing of purpose 'gainst the State,
2681. Nor claime no further, then your new-falne right,
2682. The seate of Gaunt, Dukedome of Lancaster,
2683. To this, we sware our aide: But in short space,
2684. It rain'd downe Fortune showring on your head,
2685. And such a floud of Greatnesse fell on you,
2686. What with our helpe, what with the absent King.
2687. What with the iniuries of wanton time,
2688. The seeming sufferances that you had borne,
2689. And the contrarious Windes that held the King
2690. So long in the vnlucky Irish Warres,
2691. That all in England did repute him dead:
2692. And from this swarme of faire aduantages,
2693. You tooke occasion to be quickly woo'd,
2694. To gripe the generall sway into your hand,
2695. Forgot your Oath to vs at Doncaster,
2696. And being fed by vs, you vs'd vs so,
2697. As that vngentle gull the Cuckowes Bird,
2698. Vseth the Sparrow, did oppresse our Nest,
2699. Grew by our Feeding, to so great a bulke,
2700. That euen our Loue durst not come neere your sight
2701. For feare of swallowing: But with nimble wing
2702. We were inforc'd for safety sake, to flye
2703. Out of your sight, and raise this present Head,
2704. Whereby we stand opposed by such meanes
2705. As you your selfe, haue forg'd against your selfe,
2706. By vnkinde vsage, dangerous countenance,
2707. And violation of all faith and troth
2708. Sworne to vs in yonger enterprize.

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