RIchard III: Act V, Scene i – First Folio


Richard III.         Act 5, Scene 1.            Buckingham

(This text is featured in our interview with Yao Dogbe)

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3384:  Why then Al-soules day, is my bodies doomsday
3385:  This is the day, which in King Edwards time
3386:  I wish'd might fall on me, when I was found
3387:  False to his Children, and his Wiues Allies.
3388:  This is the day, wherein I wisht to fall
3389:  By the false Faith of him whom most I trusted.
3390:  This, this All-soules day to my fearfull Soule,
3391:  Is the determin'd respit of my wrongs:
3392:  That high All-seer, which I dallied with,
3393:  Hath turn'd my fained Prayer on my head,
3394:  And giuen in earnest, what I begg'd in iest.
3395:  Thus doth he force the swords of wicked men
3396:  To turne their owne points in their Masters bosomes.
3397:  Thus Margarets curse falles heauy on my necke:
3398:  When he (quoth she) shall split thy heart with sorrow,
3399:  Remember Margaret was a Prophetesse:
3400:  Come leade me Officers to the blocke of shame,
3401:  Wrong hath but wrong, and blame the due of blame.

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