Jun 242019

Polishing Shakespeare

June 24, 2019

Brian Dykstra has written the play Polishing Shakespeare in reaction to the Play On Translation project. Should Shakespeare be translated? If this interview doesn’t reveal Brian’s answer, his play will. The reading is on July 1st.

Information about the reading and The Resident Acting Company.

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May 312019

As You Like It. Act II, Scene 7. Jacques

May 29, 2019

Shakespeare in Qatar

How is Doha, Qatar like Elizabethan London? David Pearson is 7200 miles from where he grew up and 3200 miles from where Shakespeare lived. How did he end up in Qatar and how do they do Shakespeare in this small desert country? The answers are amazing.

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Apr 112019

Shakespeare in Taiwan
April 12, 2019 Shakespeare in America

Jenny Bennett, a fourth generation theater creator, has been doing #Shakespeare since she was knee high to a grasshopper. From Harlem, to Staunton, Virginia, all the way to Taiwan, she listens with her eyes and looks with her ears while she explores the intersection between communication and language.

Feb 252019

Gertrude and Claudius

February 25, 2019

The Orlando Shakespeare Festival

Jim Helsinger is bringing a bold vision to the Orlando Shakespeare Festival. In repertory with Hamlet, he is doing the World Premiere of Gertrude and Claudius, a precursor to Shakespeare’s most famous play. Based on John Updike’s novel, Gertrude and Claudius lends depth to the characters in Hamlet and holds a few surprises too!

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Click here for more info about Gertrude and Claudius.

Jan 302019

The Container Globe

January 29, 2019

Falstaff:  Henry IV, Part I

Angus Vail Rocks! While running the business office for the band Kiss, Angus is building the Container Globe: a modern Globe Theater from re-purposed shipping containers. As entertaining as he is determined, Mr. Vail talks all the possibilities and obstacles he sees in this brilliant way of bringing Shakespeare to life. Oh, and he also does a pretty brilliant Falstaff!

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Dec 222018

The Tempest: Act 1, Scene 2


December 22, 2018

If you have a lot of words, you have a lot of need. Ray Dooley has a lot to say. After over 40 years in the business his insights are second to none. Breaking down Act 1 of the Tempest, Ray makes a leap into acting principles that every actor needs to hear.

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Nov 272018

Twelfth Night

November 27, 2018

Shakespeare in Detroit, Black Ops Theater Company

JaMeeka Holloway Burrell is on the rise.  The founder and Artistic Director of Black Ops Theater Company  just directed Twelfth Night at Shakespeare in Detroit.  Having discovered Shakespeare at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, JaMeeka approaches her work with fresh eyes, frank questions and aims to bring Shakespeare into the 21st Century.

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Oct 202018

Romeo and Juliet  Act 3, Scene 2


October 19, 2018

Zuzanna Szadowski is playing Juliet and Yelena in Uncle Romeo Vanya Juliet.  What is in store when Chekhov characters have the Shakespeare play as their subtext?  A world of possibilities is realized in this thrilling production from the minds of Bedlam!

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Sep 282018

Titus Andronicus; Act 5, Scene 1
September 28, 2018

Jackson Dean sees the English Speaking Union‘s Shakespeare competition as more of a celebration of Shakespeare.  Having won this past years competition, he has lots to celebrate.  With an affinity for villains and a keen sense of text, Jackson’s future looks bright.

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See the video of his performance:

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Aug 302018

August 30, 2018

Voice Coach

Acting Teacher

Welcome to the Revolution!  John Patrick is calling for a radical change to the way we approach voice work and actor training. 

Click here to listen to John Patrick’s thoughts on Actor Training.

Sam Shepard Quote:

“I feel there are territories within that are totally unknown.
Huge, mysterious and dangerous territories. We think we know ourselves, when we really know only this little bitty part. We have this social person that we present to each other. We have all these galaxies inside of us.

And if we don’t enter those in art, of one kind or another, whether it’s playwriting, or painting or music, or whatever, then I don’t understand the point in doing anything.

I try to go into parts of myself that are unknown. And I think that those parts are related to everybody. They’re not unique to me. They’re not my personal domain.

Catharsis is getting rid of something. I’m not looking to get rid of it, I’m looking to find it. I’m not doing this in order to vent demons. I want to shake hands with them.”

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