Twelfth Night: Act I, Scene v; First Folio


Twelfth Night       Act I, Scene v       Viola and Olivia
(First Folio edition)

This text is featured in our interview with Carl Cofield.

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535.  O sir, I will not be so hard-hearted: I will giue
536.  out diuers scedules of my beautie. It shalbe Inuentoried
537.  and euery particle and vtensile labell'd to my will: As,
538.  Item two lippes indifferent redde, Item two grey eyes,
539.  with lids to them: Item, one necke, one chin, & so forth.
540.  Were you sent hither to praise me?

541.  I see you what you are, you are too proud:
542.  But if you were the diuell, you are faire:
543.  My Lord, and master loues you: O such loue
544.  Could be but recompenc'd, though you were crown'd
545.  The non-pareil of beautie.

546.  How does he loue me?

547.  With adorations, fertill teares,
548.  With groanes that thunder loue, with sighes of fire.

549.  Your Lord does know my mind, I cannot loue him
550.  Yet I suppose him vertuous, know him noble,
551.  Of great estate, of fresh and stainlesse youth;
552.  In voyces well divulg'd, free, learn'd, and valiant,
553.  And in dimension, and the shape of nature,
554.  A gracious person; But yet I cannot loue him:
555.  He might haue tooke his answer long ago.

556.  If I did loue you in my masters flame,
557.  With such a suffring, such a deadly life:
558.  In your deniall, I would finde no sence,
559.  I would not vnderstand it.

560.  Why, what would you?

561.  Make me a willow Cabine at your gate,
562.  And call vpon my soule within the house,
563.  Write loyall Cantons of contemned loue,
564.  And sing them lowd euen in the dead of night:
565.  Hallow your name to the reuerberate hilles,
566. And make the babling Gossip of the aire,
567.  Cry out Oliuia: O you should not rest
568.  Betweene the elements of ayre, and earth,
569.  But you should pittie me.

570.  You might do much:
571.  What is your Parentage?

572.  Aboue my fortunes, yet my state is well:
573.  I am a Gentleman.

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