The Winter’s Tale: Act III, Scene ii; First Folio


The Winter’s Tale.         Act 3, Scene 2.      Paulina

This speech is used in our interview with Patrena Murray

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214.  I say she’s dead: Ile swear’t. If word, nor oath
215.  Preuaile not, go and see: if you can bring
216.  Tincture, or lustre in her lip, her eye
217.  Heate outwardly, or breath within, Ile 
serue you
218.  As I would do the Gods. But, O thou Tyrant,
219.  Do not repent the
se things, for they are heauier
220.  Then all thy woes can 
stirre: therefore betake thee
221.  To nothing but di
spaire. A thousand knees,
222.  Ten thou
sand yeares together, naked, fasting,
223.  Vpon a barren Mountaine, and still Winter
224.  In 
storme perpetuall, could not moue the Gods
225.  To looke that way thou wer’t.