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Hamlet; Act 2, Scene 2
February 8, 2013

To cue or not to cue that is the question.  Colin David Reese uses cue scripts in performing Shakespeare.  He also eschews punctuation, breathes only at the end of the verse line and incorporates leCoq into his work.   Not one to mince words, Colin never fails to entertain and enlighten in this, our first international interview.  Sit back and listen to how it will fadge.

Click here to see the text.  Click for here for the No Punctuation Version.

Click here to see a fully scanned version of the text.

  4 Responses to “Colin David Reese”

  1. Fadge in shakespeare’s words by Ben and David Crystal:

    fadge v. 1. succeed, be suitable, turn out well LLL Armado to Holofernes about the pageant:
    We will have, if this fadge not, an antic.
    2. trun out, end up, come off. 12thN Viola alone How will this fadge?

  2. The OED online has at least 5 different definitions for ‘fadge’, including the one the Crystals give.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview, and especially Mr Reese’s rendering of the text. Fabulously clear, passionate and paced. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for listening Flloyd! And for the OED lookup – fadge is a terrific word, but using it today might seem a bit, well, odd?

  4. thanks for listening Mr. Sutton! We cut the part where Colin cites the other Shakespeare use – perhaps it should have stayed in!

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