Sep 042012

The Merchant of Venice   Act II, Scene ii                        King Lear  Act III, Scene ii
Launcelot                                                                                The Fool
July 18, 2012

What happens when you mix a clown and a fool?  Serious Fun.  Wherefore fools and clowns in the motley fabric of Shakespeare’s plays?  What are the pitfalls of pratfalls?  Blake Hackler and Ken Schatz have a rousing discussion about playing Shakespeare’s Clowns and Fools. In it we talk about accepting your inner fool, addressing the audience, truth telling and “you”-gling!  As Launcelot from Act II, Scene ii of The Merchant of Venice and the Fool from Act III, Scene ii of King Lear, our guests throw wide the window to the world of infinite jest.  Join us in the “gymnasium of juxtaposition” – this one goes to 100!

Click here to view a copy of Launcelot’s Speech from The Merchant of Venice.

Click here to view a copy of The Fool’s Speech from King Lear.

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