Oct 232012

Richard III: Act 1, Scene 2
Richard (Duke of Gloucester)
October 5, 2012

Will Shakespeare be lost in translation, or can a play transcend transcription?  It’s a question that will be put to the test in an audacious new production.  Using the No Fear Shakespeare text, Facing Page Productions is staging a plain English version of Richard III.   Will it open the door to more Shakespeare fans?  Luke Forbes plays the titular character in a version that focuses more on the plot and the main character, less on the historical underpinnings.  What is lost and what is gained when Shakespeare’s most famous villain takes the stage spouting prose from someone else’s pen?  You be the judge as you listen to Richard’s monologue from Act 2, Scene 1.

Click here to see the Facing Page Version of the text.

Click here to see the Shakespeare version of the text.

Click here to see a fully scanned version of the Shakespeare text.

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