As You Like It; Act II, Scene i: First Folio


As You Like It.         Act 2, Scene 1.      Duke Senior

(This text is featured in our interview with Nick Newlin)

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  1. Now my Coe-mates, and brothers in exile:
  2. Hath not old custome made this life more sweete
  3. Then that of painted pompe? Are not these woods
  4. More free from perill then the enuious Court?
  5. Heere feele we not the penaltie of Adam,
  6. The seasons difference, as the Icie phange
  7. And churlish chiding of the winters winde,
  8. Which when it bites and blowes vpon my body
  9. Euen till I shrinke with cold, I smile, and say
  10. This is no flattery: these are counsellors
  11. That feelingly perswade me what I am:
  12. Sweet are the vses of aduersitie
  13. Which like the toad, ougly and venemous,
  14. Weares yet a precious Iewell in his head:
  15. And this our life exempt from publike haunt,
  16. Findes tongues in trees, bookes in the running brookes,
  17. Sermons in stones, and good in euery thing.


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