The Winter’s Tale: Act 3, Scene 2: First Folio


The Winter’s Tale.         Act 3, Scene 2.      Hermione 

(This text is featured in our interview with Jolly Abraham)  (and Miriam Laube.)

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1196  Since what I am to say, must be but that
1197  Which contradicts my Accusation, and
1198  The testimonie on my part, no other
1199  But what comes from my selfe, it shall scarce boot me
1200  To say, Not guiltie: mine Integritie
1201  Being counted Falsehood, shall (as I expresse it)
1202  Be so receiu’d. But thus, if Powres Diuine
1203  Behold our humane Actions (as they doe)
1204  I doubt not then, but Innocence shall make
1205  False Accusation blush, and Tyrannie
1206  Tremble at Patience. You (my Lord) best know
1207  (Whom least will seeme to doe so) my past life
1208  Hath beene as continent, as chaste, as true,
1209  As I am now vnhappy; which is more
1210  Then Historie can patterne, though deuis’d,
1211   And play’d, to take Spectators. For behold me,
1212   A Fellow of the Royall Bed, which owe
1213   A Moitie of the Throne: a great Kings Daughter,
1214  The Mother to a hopefull Prince, here standing
1215  To prate and talke for Life, and Honor, fore
1216  Who please to come, and heare. For Life, I prize it
1217  As I weigh Griefe (which I would spare:) For Honor,
1218  ‘Tis a deriuatiue from me to mine,
1219  And onely that I stand for. I appeale
1220  To your owne Conscience (Sir) before Polixenes
1221  Came to your Court, how I was in your grace,
1222  How merited to be so: Since he came,
1223  With what encounter so vncurrant, I
1224  Haue strayn’d t’ appeare thus; if one iot beyond
1225  The bound of Honor, or in act, or will
1226  That way enclining, hardned be the hearts
1227  Of all that heare me, and my neer’st of Kin
1228  Cry fie vpon my Graue.

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