Richard III; Act IV, Scene iv Drew Cortese Cut


Richard III             Act IV, Scene iv               King Richard

(This text is featured in our interview with Drew Cortese)

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Look what is done cannot be now amended.
If I did take the kingdom from your sons,
To make amends I’ll give it to your daughter.
If I have killed the issue of your womb,
To quicken your increase I will beget
Mine issue of your blood upon your daughter.
Your children were vexation to your youth,
But mine shall be a comfort to your age.
The loss you have is but a son being king,
And by that loss your daughter is made queen.
Again shall you be mother to a king,
And all the ruins of distressful times
Repaired with double riches of content.
What, we have many goodly days to see!
The liquid drops of tears that you have shed
Shall come again, transformed to orient pearl,
Advantaging their love with interest
Of ten times double gain of happiness.
Go then, my mother; to thy daughter go.
Make bold her bashful years with your experience;
Prepare her ears to hear a wooer’s tale;
Put in her tender heart th’ aspiring flame
Of golden sovereignty; acquaint the Princess
With the sweet silent hours of marriage joys;
And when this arm of mine hath chastisèd
The petty rebel, dull-brained Buckingham
Bound with triumphant garlands will I come
And lead thy daughter to a conqueror’s bed,
To whom I will retail my conquest won,
And she shall be sole victoress, Caesar’s Caesar.

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