Richard III; Act 4, Scene 3: First Folio


Richard III             Act IV, Scene iv               King Richard

(This text is featured in our interview with Drew Cortese)

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306   Looke what is done, cannot be now amended:
307   Men shall deale vnaduisedly sometimes,
308   Which after-houres giues leysure to repent.
309   If I did take the Kingdome from your Sonnes,
310   To make amends, Ile giue it to your daughter:
311   If I haue kill’d the issue of your wombe,
312   To quicken your encrease, I will beget
313   Mine yssue of your blood, vpon your Daughter:
314   A Grandams name is little lesse in loue,
315   Then is the doting Title of a Mother;
316   They are as Children but one steppe below,
317   Euen of your mettall, of your very blood:
318   Of all one paine, saue for a night of groanes
319   Endur’d of her, for whom you bid like sorrow.
320   Your Children were vexation to your youth,
321   But mine shall be a comfort to your Age,
322   The losse you haue, is but a Sonne being King,
323   And by that losse, your Daughter is made Queene.
324   I cannot make you what amends I would,
325   Therefore accept such kindnesse as I can.
326   Dorset your Sonne, that with a fearfull soule
327   Leads discontented steppes in Forraine soyle,
328   This faire Alliance, quickly shall call home
329   To high Promotions, and great Dignity.
330   The King that calles your beauteous Daughter Wife,
331   Familiarly shall call thy Dorset, Brother:
332   Againe shall you be Mother to a King:
333   And all the Ruines of distressefull Times,
334   Repayr’d with double Riches of Content.
335   What? we haue many goodly dayes to see:
336   The liquid drops of Teares that you haue shed,
337   Shall come againe, transform’d to Orient Pearle,
338   Aduantaging their Loue, with interest
339   Often-times double gaine of happinesse.
340   Go then (my Mother) to thy Daughter go,
341   Make bold her bashfull yeares, with your experience,
342   Prepare her eares to heare a Woers Tale.
343   Put in her tender heart, th’aspiring Flame
344   Of Golden Soueraignty: Acquaint the Princesse
345   With the sweet silent houres of Marriage ioyes:
346   And when this Arme of mine hath chastised
347   The petty Rebell, dull-brain’d Buckingham,
348   Bound with Triumphant Garlands will I come,
349   And leade thy daughter to a Conquerors bed:
350   To whom I will retaile my Conquest wonne,
351   And she shalbe sole Victoresse, Cæsars Cæsar.

Interestingly, in the Folio this scene is Act 4, Scene 3.  In modern versions it is Act 4, Scene 4.

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