Hamlet Act I, Scene ii – First Folio


Hamlet       Act I, Scene ii       Hamlet  

This text is featured in our interview with Lisa Wolpe.  And Xavier Pacheco.

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313:   Oh that this too too solid Flesh, would melt,
314:   Thaw, and resolue it selfe into a Dew:
315:   Or that the Euerlasting had not fixt
316:   His Cannon ‘gainst Selfe-slaughter. O God, O God!
317:   How weary, stale, flat, and vnprofitable
318:   Seemes to me all the vses of this world?
319:   Fie on’t? Oh fie, fie, ’tis an vnweeded Garden
320:   That growes to Seed: Things rank, and grosse in Nature
321:   Possesse it meerely. That it should come to this:
322:   But two months dead: Nay, not so much; not two,
323:   So excellent a King, that was to this
324:   Hiperion to a Satyre: so louing to my Mother,
325:   That he might not beteene the windes of heauen
326:   Visit her face too roughly. Heauen and Earth
327:   Must I remember: why she would hang on him,
328:   As if encrease of Appetite had growne
329:   By what is fed on; and yet within a month?
330:   Let me not thinke on’t: Frailty, thy name is woman.
331:   A little Month, or ere those shooes were old,
332:   With which she followed my poore Fathers body
333:   Like Niobe, all teares. Why she, euen she.
334:   (O Heauen! A beast that wants discourse of Reason
335:   Would haue mourn’d longer) married with mine Vnkle,
336:   My Fathers Brother: but no more like my Father,
337:   Then I to Hercules. Within a Moneth?
338:   Ere yet the salt of most vnrighteous Teares
339:   Had left the flushing of her gauled eyes,
340:   She married. O most wicked speed, to post
341:   With such dexterity to Incestuous sheets:
342:   It is not, nor it cannot come to good.
343:   But breake my heart, for I must hold my tongue.

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