Jun 202017

Illinois Shakespeare Festival
I Heart Juliet
June 20, 2017

Kevin Rich is on the move.  As the Artistic Director of The Illinois Shakespeare Festival, Kevin’s commitment to Applied Shakespeare has inspired him to seek out new and bold voices, including the Q Brothers Collective.  The Q’s will be premiering I Heart Juliet at the ISF this summer.  What surprises are in store?  Kevin has the answers.

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  1. Really, you are looking for new works regarding Shakespeare.

    I have perhaps the best High School Muscial written about Shakespeare and i’m trying to get people to look at it.

    I have less than five that have read it and it was accepted by a youth theatre camp and a community theatre. So it has a good hit ratio and it’s not even fully scored… I’m trying to get my arranger to finish so we can listen to the entire musical, but i have nine songs done and the full libretto. Write me at lhk@koa1.com

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