May 282015

Juliet’s Nurse

May 28, 2015

Pop quiz: to whom does Juliet speak most of her lines? Surprise – it’s not Romeo.  Hint: she’s a funny, bawdy woman with a vibrant imagination and a lust for life. If you guessed “Lois Leveen,” you’re in for a delightful interview with the award-winning author of Juliet’s Nurse, the untold history of one of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters.

Click here to follow along with the Nurse’s speech from Act 1, Scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet.

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  1. […] Released last year, the novel takes place fourteen years before the first meeting of the star-crossed lovers and envisions the Nurse’s life as she helps to raise another woman’s child. To hear how Leveen tackled the task of knitting her own story with that already established by Shakespeare, turned Tybalt from a brute into a best friend and brought a touch of tragedy to the bawdy baggage who threatened to interrupt, ‘Where for art thou Romeo,’ check out Lois Leveen’s interview with The State of Shakespeare. […]

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