Sep 042014

Dr. Paul Prescott
Dr. Paul Edmondson
September 5, 2014

It’s a British Invasion!  Dr. Paul Edmondson and Dr. Paul Prescott have realized a true Shakespeare Midsummer dream.

‘Shakespeare on the Road’ is the story of Shakespeare in contemporary North America told through an epic road trip in the summer of 2014.   In July and August, the team visited a range of Shakespeare festivals across the length and breadth of the US and Canada. Over 60 days, they traveled roughly 10,000 miles, saw dozens of Shakespeare productions and met hundreds of the people who – year in, year out – make Shakespeare happen across the continent.  Join us to hear the story of this fantastic journey of discovery and entertainment.

Click here to visit the official Shakespeare on the Road website.

  3 Responses to “Shakespeare on the Road”

  1. Are they capable of an honest sentence concerning creator and creations? if not, it is a wasted trip.

  2. I think so. They are truly inspired by what they saw all across the U.S. From California’s Theatricum Botanicum to NYC’s Harlem Shakespeare Festival. What makes you think they are not being honest?

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