Pericles: Act V, Scene i


Pericles.         Act 5, Scene 1.      Pericles and Marina

(This text is featured in our interview with Ben Steinfeld)

112  Pray you turn your eyes upon me.
113  ⌜You’re⌝ like something that—What ⌜countrywoman?⌝
114  Here of these ⌜shores?⌝

115                                                No, nor of any ⌜shores.⌝
116 Yet I was mortally brought forth, and am
117  No other than I appear.

118  I am great with woe, and shall deliver weeping.
119  My dearest wife was like this maid, and such
120 A one my daughter might have been: my queen’s
121  Square brows, her stature to an inch;
122  As wandlike straight, as silver-voiced; her eyes
123  As jewel-like, and cased as richly; in pace
124  Another Juno; who starves the ears she feeds
125  And makes them hungry the more she gives them speech.—
126  Where do you live?

127  Where I am but a stranger.
128  From the deck you may discern the place.

129  Where were you bred? And how achieved you these
130  Endowments which you make more rich to owe?

131  If I should tell my history, it would seem
132  Like lies disdained in the reporting.

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