Titus Andronicus: Act 1, Scene 1; First Folio



This speech is used in our interview with Kamilah Long.

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483:  Tamora. Not so my Lord,
484:  The Gods of Rome for-fend,
485:  I should be Authour to dishonour you.
486:  But on mine honour dare, I vndertake
487:  For good Lord Titus innocence in all:
488:  Whose fury not dissembled speakes his griefes:
489:  Then at my sute looke graciously on him,
490:  Loose not so noble a friend on vaine suppose,
491:  Nor with sowre lookes afflict his gentle heart.
492:  My Lord, be rul'd by me, be wonne at last,
493:  Dissemble all your griefes and discontents,
494:  You are but newly planted in your Throne,
495:  Least then the people, and Patricians too,
496:  Vpon a iust suruey take Titus part,
497:  And so supplant vs for ingratitude,
498:  Which Rome reputes to be a hainous sinne.
499:  Yeeld at intreats, and then let me alone:
500:  Ile finde a day to massacre them all,
501:  And race their faction, and their familie,
502:  The cruell Father, and his trayt'rous sonnes,
503:  To whom I sued for my deare sonnes life.
504:  And make them know what 'tis to let a Queene.
505:  Kneele in the streetes, and beg for grace in vaine.
506:  Come, come, sweet Emperour, (come Andronicus)
507:  Take vp this good old man, and cheere the heart,
508:  That dies in tempest of thy angry frowne.