Macbeth: Act III, Scene i; First Folio


Macbeth      Act III, Scene i        Macbeth

This speech is used in our interview with Benjamin Curns

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1038: To be thus, is nothing, but to be safely thus
1039: Our feares in Banquo sticke deepe,
1040: And in his Royaltie of Nature reignes that
1041: Which would be fear’d. ‘Tis much he dares,
1042: And to that dauntlesse temper of his Minde,
1043: He hath a Wisdome, that doth guide his Valour,
1044: To act in safetie. There is none but he,
1045: Whose being I doe feare: and vnder him,
1046: My Genius is rebuk’d, as it is said
1047: Mark Anthonies was by Caesar. He chid the Sisters,
1048: When first they put the Name of King vpon me,
1049: And bad them speake to him. Then Prophet-like,
1050: They hayl’d him Father to a Line of Kings.
1051: Vpon my Head they plac’d a fruitlesse Crowne,
1052: And put a barren Scepter in my Gripe,
1053: Thence to be wrencht with an vnlineall Hand,
1054: No Sonne of mine succeeding: if’t be so,
1055: For Banquo’s Issue haue I fil’d my Minde,
1056: For them, the gracious Duncan haue I murther’d,
1057: Put Rancours in the Vessell of my Peace
1058: Onely for them, and mine eternall Iewell
1059: Giuen to the common Enemie of Man,
1060: To make them Kings, the Seedes of Banquo Kings.
1061: Rather then so, come Fate into the Lyst,
1062: And champion me to th’ vtterance.
1063: Who’s there?

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