Scott Kaiser: About the Artist


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SCOTT KAISER is a nationally recognized master teacher of acting and voice, as well as a director, playwright, and author. For 28 seasons, Scott served as a member of the artistic staff at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, where he directed, adapted, coached, or performed in all 38 of Shakespeare’s plays. 

Scott is the author of more than a dozen on Shakespeare, including Albert’s Adventures in Willy World; The Tao of Shakespeare; Shakespeare’s Wordcraft; and Mastering Shakespeare: An Acting Class in Seven Scenes. He has also penned several original plays, including Falstaff in Love, Love’s Labor’s Won, and Shakespeare’s Other Women: A New Anthology of Monologues. 

Scott has directed at numerous theatre training programs around the country, including Carnegie-Mellon University, The University of Washington, Duke University, Seattle University, Santa Clara University, the University of Oregon, and Southern Oregon University.

Scott holds an ADVS from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, an MFA from the University of Washington Professional Actor Training Program in Seattle, and a BA from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

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