Winnie Lok & Facing Page Productions: About the Artists


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Winnie Lok is the Co-Producer at Facing Page Productions, a New York-based production company that creates new theatrical experiences from classical texts and themes.  We are descendants of Playmakers and Storytellers, those conjurors of miracles, magic, and mayhem. We cannot help but share our stories with you.

For us, the experience is key: each one coming from our theatrical roots in a way that honors our past.

As producers, we are simply impactful. Although we employ a classical mindset for our base, we are interested in the future of theatre. We view the rise of social media and technology as an ally – the potential impact of live theatre has never been greater – and we want to contribute to that upswing while allowing for something completely new to form.

When we choose a project, we’ll work hard to get the production right, not just adequate. We are interested in nurturing same-minded artists, with a unique timeframe and workshop schedule for each new production.

We are Facing Page Productions – Winnie Lok & Ryan McCurdy, Co-Producers. And we’re an open book.

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