Jun 212022

Val Winkelman and John Dodd

June 18, 2022

In Texas, when something delightful has been marinating for 36 years, you know you’re in for a treat. The Texas Shakespeare Festival has been a staple of East Texas since the 1980’s. For five decades, TSF’s own John Dodd and Val Winkelman have helped to feed (literally) and nurture hundreds of theatre artists. They share advice, anecdotes and a who’s who of TSF Alum (including at least one who will be familiar to SoS listeners 😉 This is one Shakespeare Festival that is aged to perfection.

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Watch a time lapse of their changeover between shows.

  4 Responses to “The Texas Shakespeare Festival”

  1. What a joy to hear Garrett, John Dodd, and Val Winkelman on the air talking about TSF! Thank you, thank you. Much love.

  2. We agree Raymond! Thank you!

  3. I loved hearing these voices.
    Miss you guys- have a great season!

  4. Clark! Thanks for listening! You bring back really good memories for both Jim and Gerritt!

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