Apr 162020

The L.A. Subway Shakespeare Project
April 15, 2020

What do John Cassavettes, August Wilson and the Three Stooges have in common?  They all inspired Hassan Jamal to create the LA Subway Shakespeare Project.  Hassan films short Shakespeare scenes in and around the LA Subways, all in one take, all on the go.  Part street theater, part guerilla film, the LASSP is a unique vision in the Shakespearean landscape. Give a listen, then give a look!

Click here to visit the LA Subway Shakespeare Project Site.

Here is a sample, from Titus Andronicus:

  2 Responses to “Hassan Jamal”

  1. An unusual unique and positive way to introduced literary classics up front in modern times. The background traffic was annoying, but you get over it.

  2. Couldn’t agree more Craig. Glad you liked it. We love what Hassan is doing! One scene at a time!

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