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Henry IV, Part i; Act 5, Scene 1
February 21, 2013

What is in that word “honor”?  Dan Daily and The State of Shakespeare examine Falstaff’s “honor” speech from Act V, Scene i of Henry IV, Part I.  Along the way, we get to the bottom of how Falstaff got his name (hint: John Oldcastle), what is a catechism, how many fat jokes are in the text and why Falstaff has a point about those who “find quarrel in a straw / When honour’s at the stake.”  Pour a cup of sack and enjoy.

Dan plays Falstaff in the Pearl Theater production of Henry IV, Part I.  Running from March 2 – March 17. 

Click here to view a copy of Falstaff’s Speech from Henry IV, Part I.

Production Photo by Elise VanderKley

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