Macbeth: Act V, Scene v: First Folio


Macbeth.         Act 5, Scene 5.      Macbeth

(This text is featured in our interview with James Shapiro)

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42.  If thou speak’st false,
43.  Vpon the next Tree shall thou hang aliue
44.  Till Famine cling thee: If thy speech be sooth,
45.  I care not if thou dost for me as much.
46.  I pull in Resolution, and begin
47.  To doubt th’Equiuocation of the Fiend,
48.  That lies like truth. Feare not, till Byrnane Wood
49.  Do come to Dunsinane, and now a Wood
50.  Comes toward Dunsinane. Arme, Arme, and out,
51.  If this which he auouches, do’s appeare,
52.  There is nor flying hence, nor tarrying here.
53.  I ‘ginne to be a-weary of the Sun,
54.  And with th’e state o’th’world were now vndon.
55.  Ring the Alarum Bell, blow Winde, come wracke,
56.  At least wee’l dye with Harnesse on our backe.

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