Lee Nishri-Howitt: About the Artist


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Lee Nishri-Howitt is a Boston-based voice, text, dialect, and acting coach.

Born and raised in Israel, Lee moved to New York to study musical theater at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. His acting experience focused on Shakespearean productions, including with companies such as Hudson Warehouse and Snorks and Piñs.

Lee is a graduate of the voice and speech masters program at The American Repertory Theater Institute of Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University / Moscow Art Theater school.

Lee has taught voice and Shakespeare at Harvard University, The Ludwik Solski Academy of the Dramatic Arts, and the American Studio of the Moscow Art Theater School. He has coached shows for notable directors including Melia Bensussen, Bill Rauch, Adolf Shapiro, Scott Zigler, and Wojtek Klemm.