Jacopo Della Quercia: About the Artist


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Jacopo della Quercia is an educator and history writer perhaps best known for his more than 100 articles on the comedy website Cracked.com. His work has been featured on BBC America, CNN Money, The Huffington Post,  and Slate, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, WAMC’s The Roundtable, and academic resources offered by Brigham Young University, George Mason University, and Princeton University’s Electronic Bulletin of the Dante Society of America, among others.

As a writer, Jacopo strives to present otherwise exhaustive scholarly research in a manner more easily accessible and enjoyable for all audiences: a practice he honed in the classroom throughout his career. 

In print, Jacopo can be found alongside his fellow Cracked writers in the New York Times best-seller You Might Be A Zombie and Other Bad News and its follow-up The De-Textbook. He was also featured in the May 2011 “Best of America” global special issue of Reader’s Digest and his article translated into more than twenty languages, including Braille.

As an academic, Jacopo has taught classes on Medieval and Renaissance history, literature, and art since 2006. He has delivered lectures on Machiavellian political psychology at institutions such as Rowan University and the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU. Jacopo is presently leading a lecture / discussion series on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War for the New York Council for the Humanities.

Jacopo’s novels The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy and its sequel License to Quill are products of years of research and a love for adventure. He hopes you enjoy them both!

Jacopo’s website: http://www.pocketwatchconspiracy.com/