Macbeth: Act I, Scene vii; First Folio


Macbeth.         Act 1, Scene 7.      Macbeth

(This text is featured in our interview with Maria-Christina Oliveras and Nance Williamson)

(This text is also featured in our interview with Ty Jones)

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  1. If it were done, when ’tis done, then ‘twer well,
  2. It were done quickly: If th’Assassination
  3. Could trammell vp the Consequence, and catch
  4. With his surcease, Successe: that but this blow
  5. Might be the be all, and the end all. Heere,
  6. But heere, vpon this Banke and Schoole of time,
  7. Wee’ld iumpe the life to come. But in these Cases,
  8. We still haue iudgement heere, that we but teach
  9. Bloody Instructions, which being taught, returne
  10. To plague th’Inuenter, This euen-handed Iustice
  11. Commends th’Ingredience of our poyson’d Challice
  12. To our owne lips. Hee’s heere in double trust;
  13. First, as I am his Kinsman, and his Subiect,
  14. Strong both against the Deed: Then, as his Host,
  15. Who should against his Murtherer shut the doore,
  16. Not beare the knife my selfe. Besides, this Duncane
  17. Hath borne his Faculties so meeke; hath bin
  18. So cleere in his great Office, that his Vertues
  19. Will pleade like Angels, Trumpet-tongu’d against
  20. The deepe damnation of his taking off:
  21. And Pitty, like a naked New-borne-Babe,
  22. Striding the blast, or Heauens Cherubin, hors’d
  23. Vpon the sightlesse Curriors of the Ayre,
  24. Shall blow the horrid deed in euery eye,
  25. That teares shall drowne the winde. I haue no Spurre
  26. To pricke the sides of my intent, but onely
  27. Vaulting Ambition, which ore-leapes it selfe,
  28. And falles on th’other.