All’s Well that Ends Well; Act IV, Scene iii: First Folio


All’s Well That Ends Well      Act IV, Scene iii        Parolles

This speech is used in our interview with Jason O’Connell

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320  Yet am I thankfull: if my heart were great
321  ‘Twould burst at this: Captaine Ile be no more,
322  But I will eate, and drinke, and sleepe as soft
323  As Captaine shall. Simply the thing I am
324  Shall make me liue: who knowes himselfe a braggart
325  Let him feare this; for it will come to passe,
326  That euery braggart shall be found an Asse.
327  Rust sword, coole blushes, and Parrollesliue
328  Safest in shame: being fool’d, by fool’rie thriue;
329  There’s place and meanes for euery man aliue.
330  Ile after them.

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