Cymbeline: Act III, Scene ii – First Folio


Cymbeline       Act III, Scene ii       Imogen

This text is featured in our interview with Katie Hartke.

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1516   Oh for a Horse with wings: Hear’st thou Pisanio
1517   He is at Milford-Hauen: Read, and tell me
1518   How farre ’tis thither. If one of meane affaires
1519   May plod it in a weeke, why may not I
1520   Glide thither in a day? Then true Pisanio,
1521   Who long’st like me, to see thy Lord; who long’st
1522   (Oh let me bate) but not like me: yet long’st
1523   But in a fainter kinde. Oh not like me:
1524   For mine’s beyond, beyond: say, and speake thicke
1525   (Loues Counsailor should fill the bores of hearing,
1526   To’th’smothering of the Sense) how farre it is
1527   To this same blessed Milford. And by’th’way
1528   Tell me how Wales was made so happy, as
1529   T’ inherite such a Hauen. But first of all,
1530   How we may steale from hence: and for the gap
1531   That we shall make in Time, from our hence-going,
1532   And our returne, to excuse: but first, how get hence.
1533   Why should excuse be borne or ere begot?
1534   Weele talke of that heereafter. Prythee speake,
1535   How many store of Miles may we well rid
1536   Twixt houre, and houre?

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