Measure for Measure: Act II, Scene ii First Folio


Measure for Measure.         Act 2, Scene 2.            Angelo

(This text is featured in our interview with Tom Rooney).

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926:   What’s this? what’s this? is this her fault, or mine?
927:   The Tempter, or the Tempted, who sins most? ha?
928:   Not she: nor doth she tempt: but it is I,
929:   That, lying by the Violet in the Sunne,
930:   Doe as the Carrion do’s, not as the flowre,
931:   Corrupt with vertuous season: Can it be,
932:   That Modesty may more betray our Sence
933:   Then womans lightnesse? hauing waste ground enough,
934:   Shall we desire to raze the Sanctuary
935:   And pitch our euils there? oh fie, fie, fie:
936:   What dost thou? or what art thou Angelo?
937:   Dost thou desire her fowly, for those things
938:   That make her good? oh, let her brother liue:
939:   Theeues for their robbery haue authority,
940:   When Iudges steale themselues: what, doe I loue her,
941:   That I desire to heare her speake againe?
942:   And feast vpon her eyes? what is’t I dreame on?
943:   Oh cunning enemy, that to catch a Saint,
944:   With Saints dost bait thy hooke: most dangerous
945:   Is that temptation, that doth goad vs on
946:   To sinne, in louing vertue: neuer could the Strumpet
947:   With all her double vigor, Art, and Nature
948:   Once stir my temper: but this vertuous Maid
949:   Subdues me quite: Euer till now
950:   When men were fond, I smild, and wondred how. [ Exit.]

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