Hamlet; Act II, Scene ii; First Folio


Hamlet.         Act 2, Scene 2.      Hamlet

This text is used in our interview with Michael Urie.

1342   I haue of late, but wherefore
1343   I know not, lost all my mirth, forgone all custome of ex
1344   ercise; and indeed, it goes so heauenly with my dispositi
1345   on; that this goodly frame the Earth, seemes to me a ster
1346   rill Promontory; this most excellent Canopy the Ayre,
1347   look you, this braue ore-hanging, this Maiesticall Roofe,
1348   fretted with golden fire: why, it appeares no other thing
1359   to mee, then a foule and pestilent congregation of va
1350   pours. What a piece of worke is a man! how Noble in
1351   Reason? how infinite in faculty? in forme and mouing
1352   how expresse and admirable? in Action, how like an An
1353   gel? in apprehension, how like a God? the beauty of the
1354   world, the Parragon of Animals; and yet to me, what is
1355   this Quintessence of Dust? Man delights not me; no,
1356   nor Woman neither; though by your smiling you seeme
1357   to say so.
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