Timon of Athens: Act IV, Scene iii


Timon of Athens      Act IV, Scene iii        Apemantus

This speech is used in our interview with Vilma Silva

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226.  This is in thee a nature but infected;
227.  A poor unmanly melancholy sprung
228.  From change of fortune. Why this rage (spade)? This place?
229.  This slave-like habit? and these looks of care?
230.  Thy flatterers yet wear silk, drink wine, lie soft;
231.  Hug their diseased perfumes and have forgot
232.  That ever Timon was. Shame not these woods,
233.  By putting on the color (cunning) of a carper.
234.  Be thou a flatterer now, and see to thrive
235.  By that which has undone thee: hinge thy knee,
236.  And let his very breath, whom thou’lt observe,
237.  Blow off they cap; praise his most vicious strain,
238.  And call it excellent; thou wast told thus;
239.  Thou gavest thine ears like tapsters that bid welcome
240.  To knaves and all approachers; ’tis most just
241.  That thou turn rascal; hadst thou wealth again,
242.  Rascals should have’t. Do not assume my likeness.

243.  Were I like thee, I’ld throw away myself.

244.  Thou hast cast away thyself, being like thyself;
245.  A madman so long, now a fool. What, thinks
246.  That the bleak air, thy boisterous chamberlain,
247.  Will put they shirt on warm? will the cold brook,
248.  Candied with ice, candle they morning taste,
249.  To cure they o’er-night’s surfeit? Call the creatures
250.  Whose naked natures live in all the spite
251.  Of wreakful heaven, whose bare unhoused trunks,
252.  To the conflicting elements exposed,
253.  Answer mere nature; bid them flatter thee.

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