Aug 072013

The Nightmare Dream
Adapted and Directed by Neal J. Freeman

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What would happen if Shakespeare was “bitten” by Bram Stoker’s Dracula?  One man aims to find out.

Neal J. Freeman has created a mash up of two classic texts:  Midsummer and Dracula.  The Nightmare ‘Dream’ is the Shakespeare play told through a classic horror film lens with a healthy dose of tongue-in cheek.   As the lovers embark on their famous journey into the woods, they encounter a villain unlike any imagined by Shakespeare. No ruffled neck is safe in this, the ORIGINAL douchey teen vampire drama.

The Nightmare ‘Dream’ will play Sunday 8/11 at 6pm, Monday 8/12 at 9:30pm, Thursday 8/15 at 9:30pm, Friday 8/16 at 3:45pm, and Sunday 8/18 at 4:15pm.

See website for more information: or

Tickets on sale July 19 at

Watch a video here:

The Nightmare ‘Dream’ – Meet Neal & Heather from lupoblu on Vimeo.

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