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Richard III     Act 4, Scene 4
Richard III
August 21, 2014

The_Motherfucker_with_the_Hat_Advance-72-(ZF-6628-86687-1-001) Cortese 2 Cortese

What do Frank Underwood and Oscar Pistorius have in common?  The answer:  Richard III.  Recently returned from a turn as the famously crippled monarch, Actor Drew Cortese digs down to the bones of this rhetorical monster.   Drew descants on his process, the art of  laying the plot one word at a time, and how to avoid louring in the role after the curtain falls.  Come caper with us through the most unlikely seduction in Shakespeare’s cannon (hint: it isn’t the “Lady Anne” scene!)

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The_Motherfucker_with_the_Hat_Advance-72-(ZF-6628-86687-1-001)  images

Why do most audiences look frighteningly homogenous, and why should we be alarmed?  Actor Drew Cortese makes an impassioned plea for diversity in theater.   How will embracing a wider view of the world we live in today inform the way we tell stories, and what fate awaits us if we fail?