Jun 172013

A Midsummer Night’s Dream     Act II, Scene i
Oberon & Titania
June 14, 2013


Dream_Oberon-Titania-and-Fairies-NC theatricum botanicum The_Quarrel_of_Oberon_and_Titania[1]

It’s the quintessential Midsummer experience.  A visit to Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga, California is a delight for all five of the senses.  In celebration of their 40th season of bringing the magic of Shakespeare to life on their idyllic outdoor stage, the Company is reviving its beloved production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Feast your ears on this brief excerpt from Act II, Scene i, featuring founding company members Ellen Geer and Melora Marshall.

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Jun 072013

Hamlet     Act II, Scene ii  
February 8, 2013

David Colin Reese1 the globe

To cue or not to cue that is the question.  Colin David Reese uses cue scripts in performing Shakespeare.  He also eschews punctuation, breathes only at the end of the verse line and incorporates leCoq into his work.   Not one to mince words, Colin never fails to entertain and enlighten in this, our first international interview.  Sit back and listen to how it will fadge.

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