May 302013

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What do the Bodleian Library, John Heminge, Harry Condell and Colin David Reese have in common?  They all converge on stage in the international hit Shakespeare Unbound.  Exploring the creation of the First Folio, Mr. Reese makes some awesome discoveries in this short aside.   Here is a trailer for the show:

May 092013

Henry VI, Part iii      Act III, Scene ii  
February 5, 2013

Jim Devita2

henry vi, pt 3







Catch a wave!  Stay “on top” of Jim Devita‘s words as he discusses how he learned to avoid generalizing in acting Shakespeare.   Jim explores the importance of training (and what Shakespearean actors can learn from Michael Jordan.)  We plunge into Richard of Gloucester’s speech in Henry VI, Part iii, to discover the secret to playing villains, plumbing emotions (or not) and pursuing metaphors.  Join us for a discussion of the most voluble soliloquy in Shakespeare’s canon.

Click here to see the text.  Click for here for the Jim Devita version.

Click here to see a fully scanned version of the text.


May 032013


How did Jim Devita end up going from New York to Wisconsin and then back to New York with a one man show?  If you haven’t heard of the American Players Theater, you should have.    Listen to Jim’s journey, about APT’s mission and how both look to create authentic Shakespeare productions at a very large outdoor theater in this brief aside from The State of Shakespeare.  You may just end up moving to Spring Green, Wisconsin.