Sep 032012

What is the difference between Comedy and Tragedy?  The answer lies with the Road Runner and Coyote.  Seriously.  Listen to this interesting answer to an age old question.

Jun 272012


From Virginia to New York City and beyond, The Shakespeare Forum cultivates a community of artists.  Artistic Director Tyler Moss tells us about its origins and how The Shakespeare Forum brings artists together in an exciting, energizing way.  As an added bonus, learn what some five year olds think about Ophelia.  Enjoy the latest aside from the State of Shakespeare.


Jan 172012

How are the Lion King and Shakespeare related?  Simple propositions.  Listen to Gareth Saxe explain how working on the Lion King proves that Theater remains a vital form of expression and acts as a Theater history lesson at the same time.

Jan 102012

Celeste Ciulla as Titania

What does Gary Burghoff have in common with Tea and Sympathy ?  Both moved Celeste Ciulla with the strength of their theatricality.  Listen as Celeste reveals why she thinks Theater is such a powerful force for good.

Nov 102011

What does an actor do when he’s been badly wounded during a production?  Play on, of course!   Want to know why David McCann appeared in the Weekly World News?  Listen here.

Aug 102011

One good thing about finding yourself suddenly out-of-work is . . . finding yourself.
How can one bad date lead to a life-changing inspiration?  In the case of John Douglas Thompson, the play was the thing. Listen to his amazing journey from businessman to actor.

Feb 082011

What’s in a Fiasco?  Ben Steinfeld breaks it down for you.  Co-founder Ben Steinfeld explains the principles guiding the founding and direction of the Fiasco Theater Company.

Jan 122011

What is a saucy jack?  What is a virginal?  Find out in this breakdown.

Master teacher Charles Tuthill’s lyrical deconstruction of Sonnet 128 illuminates the imagery, metaphors and wordplay at work in Shakespeare’s favorite poetic motif.

Click here to read Sonnet 128.