Jun 302020

Henry VI, Part III: Act 1, Scene 4
Queen Margaret
June 30, 2020

In our first interview recorded during the Covid-19 era, we caught up with Shirine Babb, whose production of Timon of Athens at the Shakespeare Theatre of DC was abruptly interrupted in March, 2020.  Before “quarantine” and “social distancing” and “Zoom” were household words we were just beginning to grasp the impact of the sudden shuttering of our theatres.  Shirine shares her thoughts on how to survive the times, the production of Timon of Athens and shares Queen Margaret’s infamous speech from Henry VI, Part 3.

May 312020

How to Think Like Shakespeare
May 31, 2020


What can we learn about the state of modern education by taking a look back at how young pupils were schooled during Shakespeare’s day?   Our guest Scott Newstok shares some collected wisdom from his book How to Think Like Shakespeare, which has us wondering: when education policy makers prioritize standardized testing, digital instruction and virtual learning environments over more traditional methods, could today’s students be losing more than they are gaining?  

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Apr 162020

The L.A. Subway Shakespeare Project

April 15, 2020


What do John Cassavettes, August Wilson and the Three Stooges have in common?  They all inspired Hassan Jamal to create the LA Subway Shakespeare Project.  Hassan films short Shakespeare scenes in and around the LA Subways, all in one take, all on the go.  Part street theater, part guerilla film, the LASSP is a unique vision in the Shakespearean landscape. Give a listen, then give a look!

Click here to visit the LA Subway Shakespeare Project Site.

Here is a sample, from Titus Andronicus:

Feb 232020

The Play On Project

February 20, 2020

Kenneth Cavender said, translations are like lovers.  The faithful ones aren’t beautiful, the beautiful ones aren’t faithful. Dave Hitz is putting this quote to the test with his ambitious Play On! Project – translating all of Shakespeare’s plays to modern English. Mr. Hitz makes a compelling argument for the project, one that has stirred controversy wherever it goes.

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Jan 292020

Dave Hitz, co-founder of the Play On Project, has a very specific view when it comes to the idea of translation. Is the Play On Project a translation of Shakespeare? Full Interview coming soon!

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Nov 302019

Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 2
November 30, 2019

A Hamlet for the Modern Age. In about a fortnight, Jack Cutmore-Scott shot Hamlet 360 – a virtual version of Shakespeare’s great play. The challenges for the actor add up to amazing rewards for the audience. Hamlet 360 is sure to cause shock waves in the Shakespeare world.

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Oct 302019

Love’s Labour’s Lost, Act 3, Scene 1
 October 30, 2019

A life in the theater. Bradford Cover grew up surrounded by theater, became an actor and has resurrected the Pearl Theater Co. – creating the Resident Acting Company. His breadth of knowledge and experience comes to bear on Berowne, the Play On Project and the Sonnets.

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Sep 272019

Macbeth Act 1, Scene 7
 September 27, 2019

What do you get when you take the First Folio, add a little Original Practice and stir in a smattering of cue scripts? You get William Downes. The Artistic Director of Classics on the Rocks joins us to discuss all things Shakespeare. We surprise him with a lightning round of questions, the answers to which surprised even us!

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Jul 312019

Twelfth Night; Act 4, Scene 3


July 31, 2019

“If it is poetry, it’s music.” Deaon Griffin-Pressley has gone from Florida to New York, BADA and finally landed at Shakespeare and Company. His travels have given him a unique perspective on Shakespeare, Acting and how his Art will change the world.

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Jun 242019

Polishing Shakespeare

June 24, 2019

Brian Dykstra has written the play Polishing Shakespeare in reaction to the Play On Translation project. Should Shakespeare be translated? If this interview doesn’t reveal Brian’s answer, his play will. The reading is on July 1st.

Information about the reading and The Resident Acting Company.

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